Numero 2 – Philosophy in Neuroscience Era

Prima serie

Philosophy in the Neuroscience Era
Alessio Plebe – Vivian M. De La Cruz (Eds.)



Alessio Plebe and Vivian M. De La Cruz

John Bickle
The Changing Faces and Scientific Bases of Mind-Brain Reductionism

Manuela Bruno
Metaphor in the Brain

Mariangela Campochiaro
Two Levels of Theory of Mind and self-Recognition

Vivian M. De La Cruz
Neurobiological hypotheses for the origins of language: Mirrors, Memory or both?

Francesco Ferretti
Blindness, Visual Content and Neuroscience

Pete Mandik
An epistemological theory of consciousness?

Pietro Perconti
Problems and Opportunities in Neurophilosophy

Alessio Plebe and Rosaria Grazia Domenella
How much computational models can explain about cognitive functions: the case of vision

Maria Primo
Speech Motor Control: How articulatory gestures work in the development of speech production

Andrea Velardi
Modularist vs Interactive Theories of Language Processing: Evidence in ERP Research

Pietro Emanuele
Medical Practice in the Neuroscience Era

Annalisa Sindoni
The role of social and environmental intelligence in the evolution of cognition

Alessandra Falzone
The Neuroscience Role in Ontological Semantics: ERPs in Schizophrenia

Antonino Pennisi
Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences: Towards an Ethic of Cooperation in Scientific Research